Our goal at RK's Home Solutions Marketing & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is to add value to our services, make things easier for our customers and to contribute towards India's economic growth – all this while keeping the safety of the customers and the nation, as priority.

Under this project, a customer can now avail all property related services through us at a nominal service charge instead of paying hefty sum of 2% that the customer has to conventionally pay at present and can save upto 80% of his hard earned money. Customers can also avail other related services, all under one roof, without having to run around from pillar to post.

We have started this project initially in Maharashtra for its 12 crores people and subsequently we intend to take this project nationwide for entire India in order to reduce financial burden of 2% brokerage on common man.

Our project has following benefits:-

  • Relieving common man from the burden of 2% system of brokerage.
  • Curbing black money menace.
  • Accountability and transparency.
  • Generation of tax revenue to the Government.
  • Reduction in property related litigation.
  • Reduction in crime / terrorism.

Real Estate Brokerage Challenges:-

  • 80% unprofessional intermediaries
  • Burden on common man
  • Brokerage paid in cash
  • Loss of GST & Income Tax
  • No accountability
  • No confidentiality
  • Crime & terrorism
  • Litigations

We Care

Customer Engagement Hub

Centralized customer call support region-wise

Customer Care & Experience Zone

One-stop solution to resolve all the queries of our customers & business partners

Training Management System

Train RKH’s teams & business partners to streamline & optimize business modules for seamless customer experience

Is Brokerage Beneficial Anyways? NO

Mobiles changed the world of communication

Taxi aggregators changed the world of commute

Malls changed the world of shopping

The Change we are bringing

We are changing the world of Brokerage


Traditional Estate Agent

1 BHK – AREA 620 SQ. FT.

COST – RS.2,00,00.000/-

BROKERAGE – RS.2,00,000/-

RK's Home Solutions

1 BHK – AREA 620 SQ. FT.

COST – RS.2,00,00.000/-


Customer Saves

RS. 1,75,168/-